3R's and Care & Share



3R's / Parish Adult Formation


What is 3R's?

Several years ago, Father Dwight Birket, Pastor, and Miss Patterson collaborated to develop a program called “The Three Catholic R’s” (Reverence, Respect, and Responsibility). In the Three Catholic R’s program, students, teachers, and parents are reminded that they form a community, and as such, stewardship of Catholic schools requires mutual cooperation. Through a series of annual retreat experiences, students, teachers and parents write a covenant committing themselves to treat each other with respect. A student who is disrespectful to his teacher, a teacher who raises her voice in anger; a parent who is offended and demands immediate action – all are called back to their covenant to be reverential toward the gifts of God, to be responsible for their own actions, and to be respectful of each other.

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Care & Share Parent Service Hours Program


What is Care & Share?

Parent interest, active involvement, and support are guiding principles of our school and are critical elements for our continued success. Your Parent, Teacher, Organizationn (PTO) is proud to present the parent service hour program entitled, “Care and Share.” This effort provides a way for all of our children to benefit from the talents and interests that are abundant in every family. Each family is required to contribute a minimum of twelve (12) hours of service each year.

Whether you share a professional skill, serve on a committee, coordinate tasks to assist in classroom; parent involvement is the bedrock of the All Saints community and a foundation for true Christian Stewardship.  The Care and Share Program provides a unique learning experience for our children, cultivate a sense of community. This gives parents the opportunity to work with teachers, meet other parents, and to become involved in the education process. When our children see families engaged and active in their school, it shapes their perceptions of faith at work, education and strengthens each child’s school experience.


Frequently Asked Questions about “CARE & SHARE”

-What is the time requirement for the PTSA Parent Service Hours Program?

Each family is responsible for a minimum of twelve (12) service hours annually. Because the program begins January 1, 2011, only six (6) hours will need to be completed between January 1, 2011 through June 30, 2011. Families that move into the school mid-year will have their service hours adjusted accordingly.

-Who can fulfill our family's service hours?

Service hours are not transferable from family to family; however, anyone in the family (aunt, uncles, grandparents, etc.) may assist in the completion of the service commitment.

-How will I know how many hours I've submitted?

Service hours will be recorded and tracked as families participate in an activity. Families will receive a quarterly statement of completed hours. There are a multitude of activities throughout the year, please do not wait until the last minute.